About the Exclusive Consultation Program

Our consultations go beyond the routine (and totally flawed) portion control, counting calories and not eating chapatti , going on Keto diets . Our Diet is completely different from others, as we don't believe in Fad diets or keto diets or those fancy salads and depriving others from their favorite food.

Our diet is more about Indian food and herbs which helps you to lose naturally while curing & controlling your health concern we strongly says, "For Indian body there is nothing as good as their Indian food".

Nutrition is a continuous learning , the deeper you go the more you learn and this learning never ends .

Our concept of Eat & Lose without any exercise is a revolutionary concept ,We believe in putting Nutrition in body rather than starving people out of food . People lose up to 7 kg & 4 inches in a month with our diet in their busy schedule without exercise & Starving themselves. We are helping our clients in controlling Diabetes within 7 days which they were trying to control since past 5 years.

We work globally, from Greater Noida. Our exclusive consultation program is designed to be followed from across the globe. The appointments happen over Whtsapp / phone /Google Meet/ Zoom as per your convenience. Of course if you are in Greater Noida or nearby we look forward to meet you in our office visit with prior appointment.

Our Aim is not just to hand over a diet plan but to guide you, educate you , motivate you about the actual importance of health and to spread awareness about the healing specialty of Indian spices & herbs with the power of eating local .

So get yourself into sustainable Diets with the “Power of Eating Local” .

We work with everyone

We work with clients across continents, across economical strata, across professions, across age groups and genders. From students to working women to CEO’s to politicians to school teachers to home makers, from those looking simply for weight loss, to those struggling with PCOD and Hypothyroid, to diabetics, Nutritional Deficiency fighters, we have a diverse and varied clientele. It’s a testament to our belief that the fundamentals of eating right are valid for everyone, and all we do is fine tune them to personal requirements.

How it works

You have to choose –

Duration – Trial , 3, 6 or 12 months

The structure of the program stays the exact same.

All Consultation goes with prior appointment only with Dt. Pallavi Raghuwanshi

How to join ?


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